Interview with Parker Rose from Sunset City

How did you get together and start making music? When did that become a serious concern? The whole thing started off with the idea of just doing some acoustic shows in 2015. I (Parker) got in contact with Matt through a mutual friend. When I turned up at the studio he had his roommate, Rob, with him who started playing some bass and that was it. We just kept on playing together from there. It became a lot more serious probably in the last year or so since we released our first single ‘Pockets’.
What kind of music did you grow up on? What artists inspired you and which do you still look to now for ideas? Parker - I grew up on pretty heavy music and rock, I had a subscription to Road Runner Records so yeah lots of screaming, very different to my tastes now! MJ is always my main go to for inspo. Matt - for me it was Stevie Ray Vaughan and John Mayer, but I’d say I grew up on Tommy Emmanuel. Rob - I was listening to The Beatles mostly, in more mod music I find Bruno’s work really inspiring.
For anyone that has yet to listen to Sunset City, what song would you suggest they listen to first? Hopefully our new single ‘Forget it all” 🙂 I think our newest song is always our favourite.
You are set to release new track, Forget It All feat. Samantha Jade, on the 25th January. Can you share the origins or inspiration for the song? We wanted to create a song that had a good energy and would be really fun live. And as summery as possible. Also we definitely wanted the focus of the song to be more about the feeling than the story. Hopefully we got there.
What was it like to record a song with Samantha Jade? We actually recorded it in Melbourne with MSquared, and then Samantha recorded her vocals in Sydney with another producer we’ve worked with before, Peter Holtz. So it was all within a little network that we all knew which was nice.
I really enjoyed the music video for your single, ‘Pockets.’ Do you have any plans to make a music video for Forget It All? Thanks so much. Yeah, absolutely, we're drawing up some treatments for a video at the moment. But in the meantime we’ve got a really cool lyric video for it that we love! Stay tuned.
If you could perform with anyone, Alive or Dead, who would you choose and why? For dead we’d probably say MJ, he can do the singing, we'll just play the music! For alive we would love to be a support act for Maroon 5 one day. That would be huge.
What are your plans for the next year in your musical career? Definitely to release a lot more content, and finish off our EP this year.
Do you have any longer term goals or aspirations? A world tour would be amazing. Playing your own music across the world is the ultimate goal. There’s so many amazing venues to perform in. Also we just want to keep growing and getting better as artists/performers.
Finally, this is a paragraph dedicated to some quick discovery. Really corny, but for the fans, can you tell me your favourite album, artist, movie, place, drink, meal and person (living or dead) and some brief reasons why? Parker - Favourite album - Panic at the Disco’s – A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out (pretty much the reason I wanted to be a singer) Favourite artist - would be anything Max Martin Favourite movie - anything Leonardo DeCaprio Favourite place – Vancouver Favourite drink – coffee
Favourite meal- pizza
Favourite person - Warren Buffett Matt - Favourite album - John Mayers, Room for Squares Favourite artist - Tommy Emmanuel Favourite movie - The Departed Favourite place - Rome Favourite drink - coffee Favourite meal - burrito Favourite person - I'd have to say my girlfriend Rob - Favourite album - What's the story morning glory by Oasis Favourite artist - Bruno Mars Favourite tv show - Silicon Valley Favourite place - New Zealand Favourite drink - chocolate almond milk Favourite meal - truffle mushroom pizza Favourite person - well Scully set the bar now, so definitely my girlfriend Original source.

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