Sunset City, Meet Samantha Jade!

Up and coming Gold Coast outfit Sunset City continue their ascendancy towards pop superstardom with their new single ‘Forget It All’. And they’ve also roped in the high profile vocal chops of Samantha Jade (Yes! An actual Samantha Jade original!) The summery new earworm is reminiscent of tracks by US supergroup Maroon 5 that have previously stormed the local charts. It’s catchy, it’s fresh, it’s bright and it’s ever so pop. “We wanted it to be really light lyrically and just fun all round,” explains band member Parker Rose. “We are so excited to have Samantha on this record – her vocals were a perfect fit to match the carefree vibe of the track.” Could Sunset City have the first major Aussie pop hit of 2019? We’re certainly hoping so! Originally featured here.

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