EXCLUSIVE: Sunset City chat about their EPIC new collab with Samantha Jade

Break-out Gold Coast trio Sunset City have released their new single featuring none other than Aussie pop queen Samantha Jade.

The band took some time out to chat exclusively with us about the exciting collab, the inspo behind it and more!

Read our full interview below:

Congrats on the new single! Tell us a bit about the inspiration around the track?

Well, we wanted to bring something fun to the table, something with a summer vibe that’s stepping away from what’s typically on radio at the moment. A song that can define us and showcase one aspect of who we are.

How do you feel about being called Australia’s answer to Maroon 5?

How could you complain about being compared to such an incredible adaptive band that’s lasted the test of time and such change in the industry. That said, no one could be Maroon 5, just like no one can be us, but us…whether people like our sound or not, we’ll always adapt and keep our sound fresh and if we get amazing comparisons like Maroon 5, then it’s a good day.

What was it like working with Samantha Jade? And how did the collab come about?Yeah so we actually recorded in Melbourne with Msquared, Our label (Central Station) got in contact with Sony and then I guess Samantha heard it and wanted to work on it. She ended up cutting her vocals in Sydney with another producer we’ve worked with before Peter Holtz, So it was all within a little network that we knew and loved.

What’s your current favourite song or album at the moment?

All of us are quite different in musical taste, which is what makes us unique, but I'd say we all agree most things Bruno are what gets the ears tingling.

Any exciting projects coming up or any plans to tour?

We’ve got a big year planned, and touring is absolutely on the radar, but for now we’re just focusing on the release of “Forget It All” and writing more songs that we love. Originally featured here.

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