There's no forgetting Sunset City

Gold Coast trio Sunset City have had an impressive 18 months, culminating recently in the release of their new track ‘Forget it All’, a collaboration with ARIA Award-winner Samantha Jade. We caught up with Parker, Rob and Scully about the track and their rise to prominence.

“We all grew up on the Gold Coast, although Scully was raised in Papua New Guinea, and we all met 5 years ago through mutual friends. We started to jam and one of us just said, ‘Let’s make this thing a band,” Parker tells us.

So how did this collaboration with an ARIA Award winner come about? It kicked off with a track they recorded, shuffled around record company execs in a few different cities, Parker explains.

“We just wanted to create a really fun track on this single, and I feel like we did a really good job. We like the track a lot.”

“We were down in Melbourne with a few producers who also liked it, and through our label we made a few connections. All of that got back to Sam somehow who said she was interested, and ultimately it ended up with a producer in Sydney who was working with Sam that day, and we got sent the work the next day. It all happened so fast but that’s the business sometimes.”

Playing at Suncorp Stadium, in the pre-game show for the Brisbane Broncos, was their biggest performance in their short career so far. Rob reflects on the opportunity.

“That was a highlight. We got to drop three tracks for the crowd. Kinda like the SuperBowl but on a smaller scale. It was fun!”

The band closes philosophically as they’re asked about what it’s been like growing their reputation in Queensland and abroad.

“The last 18 months has been lots of waiting. That’s what people don’t realise. You fool around with a few tracks and have some meetings, we’re all working or studying, and there’s just a lot of waiting. Then all of a sudden it happens and your song is being played everywhere.” Originally featured here.

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