New Sunset City Single 'Feels So Right'

Gold Coast outfit Sunset City are set to bring the heat to the Aussie summer with their latest earworm ‘Feels So Right’. The band’s latest track is one of those ‘drive-down-the-coast-with-the-roof-off’ kinda tracks; summery, breezy, bright and fresh. “‘Feels So Right’ is about someone that you’re into that makes you a little bit clumsy when you’re around them,” explains front man Parker Rose. “We were working on a track in Melbourne with MSquared that was a bit darker than we intended, I wanted to brighten the whole vibe of the song up with a vocal that contrasted the production so I came up with the hook to the music that night after the session. “Everyone liked the weird bendy ‘feels so right’ part, so we sat down and finished the song from there.” With ‘Feels So Right’, Sunset City continue to do what they do best; producing quality feel-good Aussie pop.

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