Sunset City's New Single 'Feels So Right'

Sunset City is a 3 piece band out of Gold Coast, Australia, featuring Parker Rose the lead singer, Matt Scully the guitarist and Rob Johnson the Bassist. And if they could sum up their music ‘vibe’ it would be “a blend of alternative and electronic music with Pop sensibilities.”

Recently Sunset City released their brand new single “Feels So Right“, a song about the band explain is about chasing someone that has made you feel amazing, but they also make you kind of clumsy because you’re really into them. They believe almost everyone has experienced this at some point.

Speaking on the release of the music video, the band explain to Eat This Music they they typically have a brainstorming session after the song they are currently working on is finished, and then they go through ideas about how it makes them feel, in regards to the visuals and what colours they envision for it. From there, they band start to flesh out an idea of where it’s set and how it relates to the song. After that, it just flows.

On the theme of Space, Sunset City express that they decided to make it seem as though Parker was isolated, as the lyric goes, “I’d do anything to get to you” actually relates to that feeling, also along with the general feeling of the song, and what is more isolated than being alone in space?

On the creation of “Feels So Great”, Sunset City wrote the single with a couple of fantastic producers down in Melbourne, MSquared. Parker, Matt and Rob worked with the producer in Melbourne on a few singles now and they have always seemed to end up producing something the band all enjoyed. So it was essentially just about getting in the room with the producers for a week and chucking out all our ideas onto the blank canvas.

“We came up with the idea of doing it in space together, but Robbie and Matt really deserve the credit here. Matt is amazing at drawing, he fleshed out an epic solid story board and Robbie did all the tedious editing and insane visual FX.”

It’s important for the band to make every single, they want people to really love the music they are producing as much as they enjoy making it. So, to the band, every song they release has the same high value and the release of “Feels So Right” is no exception. The band wanted to make every song that they write a single, but they just felt this new single in particular was connecting with them. You can never really tell what the wider audience will enjoy, but they figured, if they like it, hopefully the wider audience will too.

This is a song the band has been been wanting to release for a while now, and it is just the simple fact that all the moving parts had to fall into place and eventually they did for the band, so they decided it was the right time to go out with it. However, this is not the only song the band have yet to release, they have got a few songs in the pipeline, but they were ready for ‘Feels So Right’ to be heard, so it was tunnel vision for this release.

Since the release of their previous single “Take My Hours”, the band have had their head down working on how to approach their brand going forward, writing new songs and gigging around Queensland, Australia. They are super excited about 2020 and what they have to show the rest of the world. The remainder of 2020 looks to be a good time for the band as they have a few other songs in the pipeline and they are currently in the process of working out which should be their next single, so stay tuned for that. However, for now their attention is on the current single.

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